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Support Programs for Parkinson's Caregivers.
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Caregivers, Care Partners, Parents, and Families

Hi, It’s Terri Pease. 

If you are looking for quality information, support, and resources related to family caregiving, Seabury House is a welcome place offering help to caregivers. 

Here, I share my thoughts about Parkinson’s Caregiving and Caregiving in general. In addition, you’ll find valuable programs and experiences to support you in your journey as a caregiver. 

Seabury House Press is also where you will get updates as my book, Love, Dignity & Parkinsons, From Care Partner to Caregiver, moves toward its October 2022 publication. 

We’re here to help you.

Learn. Plan. Grow.

At Seabury House, we offer books and digital resources to help (mostly family) caregivers navigate the sometimes complex and difficult path of being a full-time caregiver.

We intend to provide booklets to help, to guide, and meditations for caregivers.