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Comforting Hands


At Seabury House, our focus is on you.

Our Core Values


At Seabury House Caregivers Come First. We believe if caregivers  are supported, nurtured, and informed they’ll be giving their Loved One the good care that they deserve. If we help care for you, you’ll care for them.


We believe there is strength in knowing facts from fiction. Not enough is out there to support family caregivers. Not enough is out there to support paid in-home caregivers. Seabury House is where you can become more informed.


We don’t believe in soft-pedaling the tough realities of caring for a loved one with a chronic and debilitating condition. Honest and straightforward talk about the commitment and effort it takes to be a caregiver creates change.


There are many resources out there to help you understand your Loved One’s condition, his or her needs, and to enlist the services that are available to you. These four R's are important to us: Resources, Research, Reflection, Respite.

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