I started Seabury House to be the home of the work that I do on behalf of all sorts of caregivers. I had been a caregiver in various ways all of my life: a camp counselor, a teacher in preschools and grade schools, a parent. When I married my husband, Peter, knowing that he had Parkinson's I had almost no understanding of what it would mean to be his caregiver. What I learned over those years of his living and dying has gone into my writing and online products, a book, online email programs for caregivers, meditations for PWPs and for caregivers, and other things that are in the works.  

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to learn about the things I've created to help you help your loved one.


I pride myself on being able to listen to caregivers and to really "hear" what is on their minds.  What's my favorite technique for doing that?  I ask!


I always want to know what you need to make your life easier as a caregiver, whether your role involves a PWP (a Person with Parkinson's), young children, a parent who has dementia, or some other kind of caregiving. If you can think of a way that I can help, please let me know!!  That's why I'm here.